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St John's Day

St John’s Day 2025 and 2026

Saint John’s Day is celebrated all across Lithuania every 24 June. This holiday is also called Rasos Feast or Midsummer Night since it is the shortest night of the year in Lithuania.

202524 JunTueSt John's Day
202624 JunWedSt John's Day
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From ancient times, the pagan tribes of the Lithuanian region would gather on Midsummer Night to feast, sing, dance, light huge bonfires, and make sacrifices to their gods.

Now, as then, many of the old traditions live on, although the name of the holiday has been changed to Saint John’s Day and there are generally no overly pagan religious meanings intended by the celebrants. Today, it’s all about a fun night spent around a big, blazing fire, watching the sun dip out of sight only a few hours before reappearing, and staying up partying till dawn.

Although Saint John’s Day events take place all over Lithuania on 24 June, the main centres of celebration are in the towns of Kernave and Jonava. Gathering flowers to make wreaths to wear along with linen clothes are also a part of the traditions in those two towns.

Previous Years

202424 JunMonSt John's Day
202324 JunSatSt John's Day