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Father's Day

Father’s Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Father’s Day is a national public holiday in Lithuania on the first Sunday of every June. The country is amongst a small number that officially celebrate Father’s Day with a public holiday.

20242 JunSunFather's Day
20251 JunSunFather's Day
20267 JunSunFather's Day
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Originally, Lithuanians only observed Mother’s Day, on the first Sunday of May. But Father’s Day was added to complement Mother’s Day and positioned to fall exactly one month later.

In some countries, public holidays that come on weekends are observed with an off work day on the following Monday, but this is not the case in Lithuania. So while people celebrate Father’s Day, they don’t get any extra time off work because of it.

Father’s Day traditions in Lithuania are not especially numerous or strong. But children may give a small gift to their father on this day, along with a Father’s Day card. And families may spend time together and enjoy a special meal as well.

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20234 JunSunFather's Day
20225 JunSunFather's Day
20216 JunSunFather's Day
20207 JunSunFather's Day
20192 JunSunFather's Day
20183 JunSunFather's Day
20174 JunSunFather's Day